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Jacqueline Shelton-Espinosa, LCSW

Co-Creating Liberation with Grace & Grit

I am a life coach and therapist on a mission to ignite social justice within and without. My journey blends the fire of activism with the grace of radical acceptance, crafting a path where personal growth and societal change intersect.  


Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. I believe in co-creating liberation – a collaborative journey where we explore your unique experiences, dismantle internalized limitations, and build the resilience to challenge unjust systems.


Working with me you will find:

  • Fierce compassion: I hold space for your full story, acknowledging both your struggles and your inherent worth. No judgment, just radical acceptance.

  • Empowerment through reflection: We'll unpack the ways social injustices impact your life, not to dwell, but to fuel your inner fire for change.

  • Actionable strategies: We'll move beyond navel-gazing and build concrete skills for advocating for yourself and others, within your own sphere of influence.

My style? Think collaborative brainstorming session meets heart-to-heart conversation, sprinkled with a dash of playful rebellion. We'll laugh, cry, and challenge the status quo, all while building a life that's fiercely authentic and fiercely impactful.

Ready to step onto the path of personal and societal liberation? Let's co-create a revolution, one empowered soul at a time.

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