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Testimonials: Testimonials

There is only one Jackie.  Jackie will stand alongside you and empathize with you as a fellow human as she helps you meet your goals with her exceptional clinical skills, insight, and focus.  Jackie's variety of clinical talents, paired with her joyous and good humored, yet thoughtful, intuitive and authentic approach is one of a kind.

Mariel Reeves, LCPC

Jackie is a seasoned therapist with years of experience helping and guiding others.  Jackie is a compassionate and non-judgemental therapist with a successful track record and experience working with various cultures and age groups.

Bruce Sewick, LCPC

Jackie is an amazing clinician.  She provides a warm and caring atmosphere within a strong clinically guided lense.  She's supportive to the needs of those she works with and advocates strongly on their behalf.  She utilizes sound clinical knowledge in a manner that suites the need of the individual.  Overall, Jackie is a committed clinical working for the better of every individual!

Edgar Ramos, Psy.D.

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