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Radical Self-Care

Self-care is not a new topic or phenomena. As outside pressures have increased the topic of self-care has moved to the forefront once again. Some have discussed the idea of radical self-care. This is a concept in which self-care also serves as an act of social justice. Historically, marginalized groups have been oppressed. Sadly, this oppression of marginalized populations continues to this day.

Given the tremendous pressures marginalized groups face it is vital that they engage in self-care, radical self-care. Self-care is a practice that is healthy for everyone. Particularly for marginalized populations it is a statement to self and others that they matter. Although simple, the concept that one matters, especially someone who is marginalized, is difficult to acknowledge and practice consistently.

Far to often marginalized groups find themselves taking care of others at the expense of self. Martyrdom for family, the community, and the cause can completely overshadow basic needs. Focusing on the foundation or self is essential for overall health and well-being. Here are some tips on how to engage in radical self-care:

  • Nurture yourself as you would your beloved child, friend, or pet

  • Prioritize stress

  • Exercise

  • Actively take responsibility for meeting your own needs and solving the problems life presents to you

  • Stop postponing pleasure

  • Say no

  • Take time out from activities that on the surface seem pleasurable but can create more stress (i.e. Facebook)

  • Meditate

  • Laugh

  • Let go with music

  • Set healthy boundaries with everyone

  • Create

  • Allow others to be strong for you

  • Rest

  • Do nothing. Productivity does not define your worth!

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